Sky Airline Hit For Discrimination

1st Oct 2014

‚ÄčThe young and visually-impaired attorney was about to board her flight at Santiago International Airport on a trip to Punta Arenas, when a crew member reportedly unloaded her suitcase and subsequently refused her to get on board.

In her statement, her ordeal started when she was about to board her flight at 8:30 AM last week. One of the flight crew refused to get her on board.

She is visually-impaired and had a guide dog with her at all times even during her trips. She travels annually on a regular basis between Santiago and Punta Arenas.

It's quite ironic that a lawyer who is working for a legal firm which, in turn, is working closely with the National Disability Service whose advocacy is to advance the rights of persons with disabilities was a victim herself of such discrimination.

The airline argued, however, that on normal circumstances, dogs are not allowed inside an aircraft and passengers should inform them at least 48 hours ahead if they intend to bring a guide dog on board. However, the law states that under no circumstances should a person with disabilities be discriminated against in whatever mode of transportation he chooses in the country.

After she was refused aboard her Sky Airline flight, she had no other options but to book another flight operated by LAN Airlines who allowed her and her guide dog on board.
She said the Sky Airline didn't refund her ticket or offered her a compensation for the unused fare.

The young lawyer's firm, Legal Assistance Corporation, is reportedly asking the Chief Judicial Assistance to impose sanction against the erring airline.

The lawyer was thankful to get the support of the nation's Chief Judicial Assistance in her legal battle against the airline.

Aside from being economically disadvantaged, persons with disabilities often experience various forms of discrimination even in our modern society. Most often than not, they usually don't report their experience to concerned authorities or take legal actions against the accused maybe to avoid the hassle of going through such tedious process.

Their refusal to report their cases or unwillingness to file charges against the accused makes discrimination to perpetuate in our society.

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