Qantas Frequent Flyer Deals on LAN’s Sydney-Santiago Routes

26th Apr 2015

Customers of Qantas Airlines flying from Sydney to Santiago, Chile, via Auckland will now be able to use their frequent flyer points if they want to move from economy to business class. This deal works only with Qantas’ Oneworld partner, Chilean carrier LAN.

In order to avail yourself of this opportunity you must book a flight through Qantas using a QF codeshare. For the Sydney-Santiago route that’s QF321 from Australia and QF322 from Chile. Booking a flight directly with LAN as LA800 and LA801 will not work.

You will also have to make the complete journey from Australia to South America, without breaking it anywhere. So, for instance, if you are flying only to Auckland, you will not get the frequent flyer points.

Finally, the upgrade works only on LAN’s Sydney-Santiago flights and not on their other routes, even if they are also between Australia and South America and are booked under a flight number beginning with QF.

What do You Need to do to get the Upgrade?

In order to upgrade your frequent flyer points this way, you will need to have the same amount of points as is the case with Qantas’ Sydney-Santiago route. That would be 45,000 points from Economy Flex to business class or 72,000 points from Economy Saver to business class. There are no upgrades from Economy Sale to business class.

The process itself is actually quite simple. All you have to do is go to the ‘Manage Your Booking’ section on the Qantas’ site and request your upgrade there. If you have gathered enough frequent flyer points your request will be approved before you get to the airport for your flight.

This is also the only way to have your request considered, as you can’t do it at the check in, boarding gate or in the lounge.

Asked if this means Qantas will offer frequent flyer points upgrades on its codeshare flights operated by other partner carriers, a spokesperson for the Australian airline said:

This is something we’ve been able to negotiate with LAN specifically.”

LAN just recently began flying on this route using Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner planes.

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