LATAM Airlines Group Joins Dow Jones World Sustainability Index

1st Oct 2014

‚ÄčLatin America's largest airline holding company is the first airline group in the Americas which was chosen among a select group of companies listed on the world's different indices.

The selection was a stringent process based on an analysis of corporate economic, social and environmental performance, assessing issues such as corporate management, branding strategy, climate change mitigation, risk management, labor practices and supply chain standards.

The inclusion of the LATAM Airlines Group in the DJWSI is a milestone in itself as it is one of only two companies in the world aviation industry to make it into the index - the other one being the Air France-KLM Group.

The  DJWSI uses various assessment methods in the economic, environmental and social dimensions of each company to be included in the top 10 percent of the index which is composed of the biggest 2,500 companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index (DJGTSMI).

These include Corporate Governance, Human Capital Development, Efficiency and Customer Relationship Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Management and Reporting, Social Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement, etc.

LATAM Airlines Group CEO, Enrique Cueto, was proud to disclose the release of the company's first Sustainability Report this year which accounted the Economic, Social Responsibility and Environmental actions that the company has accomplished.

He also revealed that the LATAM Group has attained the highest performance globally in the aviation industry in the environmental management category, specifically in areas of Operational Eco-Efficiency and Climate Strategy/ Climate Change Governance. This was achieved through the company's sustainable management system in mitigating CO2 emissions through efficient fuel. As a result, the group has one of the smallest carbon footprint emissions among airlines around the world.

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