LAN, TAM Airlines To Upgrade In-flight Service

26th Jan 2015

The improvement project is said to have cost $100 million to the group whose aim is to provide better products and service to its customers. Included in the project is the installation of a wireless in-flight entertainment system and Wi-Fi internet service.

Recently, the group has launched a new smart phone app that is designed to ease the customers' overall experience with any of their airlines. With the new app, passengers would be able to manage all parts of their flight including, but not limited to, getting an e-boarding pass.

Aside from LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines, the LATAM Airlines group also includes LAN Argentina, LAN Colombia, LAN Ecuador, LAN Peru, and LAN Express.

The group has also signed a partnership with YouTube that would allow their passengers to access the best content available through the group's own i-flight entertainment offering. The group has just launched LAN and TAM Entertainment, an in-flight entertainment system that is streamed through the passengers' own personal devices like tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

The LATAM Group has collaborated with Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd. to create its newest mobile app that is specifically designed for their customers. Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd. is a popular technology provider for mobile and web applications such as apps and web content.

According to the group's Vice President of Marketing, Jerome Cadier, the mobile app was optimally designed to meet the passengers' needs in terms of ease of use, speed, and visual appeal. He further said that it took them almost 6 months to design and develop the app. To optimize its use and appeal to its customers, they will continuously update and add new features, every now and then, if necessary.

The new app will make it a lot easier for customers to manage their travel plan from booking a flight until they get on board or while they are on-board the plane.

The airline executive further disclosed that they have a dedicated team whose task is exclusively focused on the improvement of the applications, with the aim of coming up with a much better product offering to its customers.

The group plans to launch its in-flight Wi-Fi service this month on selected regional routes, initially on LAN network. In the next 18 months, it will be offered in over 300 domestic and regional routes, as well on both LAN and TAM networks.

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