Chile's Passenger And Cargo Volume Increases

31st Oct 2014

The South American country has registered a significant increase in its commercial aviation traffic during the latest fiscal year, ending August 2014.

According to the latest report by the country's Civil Aeronautics Board, Chile posted positive growth in both passenger and cargo volume passing through its major airports.

In terms of passenger volume, all but one airline registered positive growth over the 12-month period. These include LAN Airlines, LAN Express, Sky Airline and Aerovias. Only PAL Airlines posted a negative growth, down by -98% due to some problems.

The negative growth by PAL Airlines was offset by other four airlines who managed to grow between 0.6% by LAN Express and 103% by Aerovias.

The five local airlines carried a combined total of 784,052 domestic passengers during the period, an increase of 4.6% year-on-year. The airlines also carried a total of 637,171 international passengers or 13% growth over the previous fiscal year.

In terms of passenger volume, LAN Express carried the most domestic passengers during the period at 343,890. LAN Airlines came in second with 237,686 or growth of 17.5%.

LAN Airlines, meanwhile carried a total of 312,599 international passengers almost half of the 637,171 international traffic to the country.

The cargo volume, meanwhile, passing through Chile's airports grew by 7.2% for domestic and 7.4% for international.

The country's cargo operations were mainly provided by three LAN-affiliate airlines, LAN Airlines, LAN Express and LAN Cargo which, together, carried a total of 22,032 tonnes. The the bulk of cargo volume, or 19,950 tonnes, are international cargo while only 2,442 tonnes comprise the domestic cargo.

LAN Express and LAN Airlines are the main operators of domestic cargo while the country's international cargo is mainly operated by LAN Airlines and LAN Cargo.

Both domestic cargo operators achieved an identical growth of 3.8% over the period, with LAN Express carrying 1,254 tonnes and LAN Airlines carrying 963 tonnes.

International cargo volume, on the other hand, grew by 7.4% overall with LAN Airlines carried the most cargo at 8,338 tonnes, an increase of 9% over the same period. LAN Cargo, though carried less than half the volume carried by LAN Airlines, it somehow managed to grow by 45%.

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